Best Omaha DJ Ever!

What a night! Our DJ was extremely personable, fun, easy to work with, and on top of everything. He wasn’t cheesy or over-the-top. He was perfect. He didn’t just show up with a playlist. He really read the crowd, making sure that all of our guests, young and old, wanted to get up and dance and have a good time. In addition to playing the right songs at the right time, and keeping the energy up in the room, our DJ came equipped with all sorts of professional lighting and effects equipment. For our first dance, he used some sort of fog machine that covered the floor and it looked like my new husband and I were dancing on a cloud! He used a black light effect some of the night so my white dress was glowing. He used different laser-looking lights too. It was so cool! I am so impressed by how smoothly everything went and how fun our wedding reception was. Thank you so much for running the show! You were phenomenal! I will recommend you to all of my friends.

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  1. Aaron says:

    That is the coolest effect i have ever seen an Omaha DJ do! Keep up the good work Master DJs Omaha

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