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All of our DJs take pride in what they do. We all create an environment in which we learn and study from each other so that we can all be masters in our field. Our DJs are fabulous Masters of Ceremonies and make sure your event is running smoothly and on schedule. Your DJ provides great music, mixing in what the audience wants, when they want it and how they want it delivered. Your DJ will be well trained and will use their experience to deliver the music in a format that fits your event. A Master DJ will be a well-spoken MC who is not overbearing — keeping the focus on the people of Honor and on your guests.

All of us are ready to make your event a celebration.

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Joe Bilek

Joe has an amazing personality that comes alive when he is at your event entertaining. He is natural in front of a crowd and can get your guests on their feet having a great time. During his time in college, Joe learned the fundamentals of speaking on a microphone while he held a position on …

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alex gac

Alex Gac

With an energetic and diverse personality, Alex brings many talents to the team. Alex’s upbeat personality and enthusiasm are able to turn any event into a party, one that will be memorable for your guests. Alex is always looking for ways to keep people excited and happy at an event. He is highly adaptable, and …

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Kerolos Lotfy

Being born and living his early life in Egypt, Kero brings a diverse background to the team.  Kero can use his bilingual skills to bring any event to life.  His enthusiastic personality is sure to make your event talked about for many years to come.  He is a great fit for any event and can …

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brandon mason

Brandon Mason

Brandon has an amazing talent and great aptitude for music format. He has the ability to always pick the right music at the right time, no matter what type of event it is.  Brandon not only will pick the right music, he will deliver it in an ideal format. Brandon has outstanding MC skills, while …

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Justin McMillan

What separates creating an event from creating an experience is details; millions of tiny moments precisely arranged that bring to life a dream.  In my nine years of collaboration as a DJ and MC I have been privileged to conduct hundreds of once in a lifetime experiences. Being invited to facilitate your wedding, birthday, anniversary …

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mike sautter

Mike Sautter

Mike has a fantastic personality that is sure to make any event talked about long after it is over. He is an extremely well-spoken Master of Ceremonies. His remarkable natural talent as a communicator, coordinator, and organizer, makes him one of the most requested DJ’s in the Midwest. He has the personality, positive attitude and flexibility to …

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tony schmitz

Tony Schmitz

Tony is the founder of Master DJs with over 1,000 functions completed. He is responsible for making sure his team is well prepared and engaged in the event. Tony is one of the most requested DJs in the area. He is a highly experienced MC and is capable of doing any event. He enjoys learning …

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