Alex Gac

alex gacWith an energetic and diverse personality, Alex brings many talents to the team. Alex’s upbeat personality and enthusiasm are able to turn any event into a party, one that will be memorable for your guests.

Alex is always looking for ways to keep people excited and happy at an event. He is highly adaptable, and he loves to be a part of unique events.

“Events are always special to hosts and guests, and it gives me a sense of pride and honor to provide a key aspect of the entertainment,” says Alex. “Celebrations date back to the beginnings of man, and continuing this very human tradition ignites my soul. I get to hang around great people having good fun.”
alex gac
During the week, Alex works as a Senior Project Consultant for Union Pacific, specializing in rail equipment information systems.  He also actively pursues and competes in various shooting sports.  Hire Alex to turn your next event into something truly extraordinary.

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  1. Nick Parker says:

    Brandon and Alex were amazing. They played a lot of classy music as well as worked the crowd. Would highly recommend the both of them for working any event. They are professional and responsible for making your event one that you will remember for a lifetime.

    Thanks again Brandon and Alex

    Nick and Kerri Parker

  2. Ron Hine says:

    Very informative, Thanks Nebraska DJs!

  3. Eric Huebner says:

    These guys are the best!

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