Tony Schmitz

tony schmitzTony is the founder of Master DJs with over 1,000 functions completed. He is responsible for making sure his team is well prepared and engaged in the event.

Tony is one of the most requested DJs in the area. He is a highly experienced MC and is capable of doing any event. He enjoys learning new technologies that provide enhanced services and higher standards to the customers.

He has an amazing personality and an incredible attitude that can make anyone at any event feel good. Tony loves to DJ because it doesn’t feel like work – just getting paid to have fun.

tony schmitz“It is a great feeling to complete an event, see the guests leave, and the hosts are as happy as can be,” says Tony.  “Knowing that you had something to do with that is why I keep going out every weekend.  I am very proud to say I have been a part of so many peoples’ special day.”

Tony works as an insurance agent during the week but always looks forward to mixing up the weekend with a new crowd, venue, and special event.  Let Tony help make your event a success!

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  1. Angela says:

    Tony was the DJ at our wedding. He did a fantastic job!

    1. Chelsi says:

      Wow! I Love this DJ Service in Omaha, can’t wait to see you at the next wedding.

  2. Michelle Irions says:

    This is Michelle from the band, Taxi Driver! We’ve known Tony for many years now and could not recommend a better person than Tony for ANY job. We’ve worked together on numerous occasions, the band in conjunction with Master DJs (weddings/corporate parties). Tony is everything described above, and more. His professionalism, organization, and delivery of his product is top of the line!

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